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Testing for Dyslexia *ADD/ADHD *IQ for Gifted Program*Autism
*Slow Processing * all types of learning problems

  • What is Autism, which affects 1 out of every 68 children
    (1 out of 42 boys) –Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
  • Recognize the early signs
  • Is bright but underachieves
  • Bad handwriting or poor reading skills
  • Confuses left and right
  • Messy room
  • Can’t remember information that was just learned
  • Isn’t hyperactive but “zones out”
  • Hard time finishing classwork and tests
  • Gets bored easily
  • Seems detached, prefers to be alone or with adults
  • Isn’t very interested in making friends with peers

Does any of the following traits sound like your child?

  • Is easily distracted and has difficulty focusing or staying on task
  • Does not complete his work on time
  • Struggles with reading, writing, math or learning new information
  • Cannot finish tests on time
  • Is extremely advanced and teachers have suggested gifted program placement
  • Has average grades with specific areas of difficulty

If you suspect your child or college student presents one or more of the above traits, or perhaps other features no one else can "figure out", it is time to have him or her properly tested.  College students with a previous ADHD or learning disability diagnosis who need an current psycho-educational assessment can also benefit from our affordable and convenient testing process.  All testing is done in the student's own home by a licensed school psychologist who travels to location.   Read more about LEARNING DISABILITIES or BROWSE ALL TOPICS.

Benefits of our At-Home testing process:

Our EXCLUSIVE at-home testing, where all testing is done in the student’s own home by a licensed school psychologist who travels to location,  has numerous proven advantages:

• Student is in his own environment and comfort zone, virtually eliminating test anxiety often experienced by younger children. By reducing anxiety the student is able to put forth his best effort, resulting in more accurate results. 

 Save gas and avoid getting late or lost for appointments.

 Save time. Child-Testing has developed a time efficient system where one visit is all that is required. 

• Save money.  Are you concerned with the cost of private testing? Don't be! We offer one of the most affordable private testing rates in the state. While other psychologists charge high hourly rates or as much as $1,200 for a learning disability assessment, we don't even come close. Because we don't have the high overhead associated with expensive office space and staff, our rates can be more affordable.Call us at (813) 468-6528 for a free consultation and ask about our rates. 
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