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- Dyslexia (reading and/or writing problems)
- Giftedness
- Slow Processing Disorder
- Math Problems
- IEP vs 504 Plan
- Other School Concerns
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Testing for giftedness, ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, slow processing
disorder, specific learning problems and other school concerns...


Child-Testing.com is a privately owned company specializing in psycho-educational testing services. We stand solidly behind our "most convenient and affordable" reputation by offering extremely competitive rates and being the
ONLY private testing company that offers at-home testing throughout the entire state of Florida, including Florida Keys. Some of our high demand services include: 

  • IQ testing for children, adults, and toddlers
  • Psycho-educational Assessments
  • Testing for Specific Learning Disabilities
  • Testing for Dyslexia 
  • Testing for ADD and ADHD
  • Testing for Slow Processing Disorder
  • Individual Achievement Testing
  • Testing for homeschoolers to determine grade level & academic strengths and weaknesses
  • Testing for the Academically Gifted Program 
  • Testing Mathematical Disorder
  • Testing for Autism Spectrum Disorder and Asperger's Syndrome
  • Requests for reasonable accommodations as mandated by IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) 
  • Revisions to IEP's, 504 Plans, and other special education services
  • Recommendations for targeted tutoring, therapy and referrals to other services
  • Current learning disability diagnosis for college students seeking reasonable accommodations. Students seeking medication management through their academic institution, must have been previously diagnosed and received accommodations during middle and high school, either through an IEP or 504 Plan. 
  • Emotional and behavioral screenings for anxiety, depression, and conduct disorders.
  • Evaluations for RTI students, normally Tier 2 and Tier 3 students. (IDEA 2004 allows parents to request a formal evaluation to determine eligibility for Special Education. An RTI process cannot be used to deny or delay a formal evaluation for Special Education.)
  • NEW!  Infant & Toddler Development Screening and Assessment, Ages 0 - 5.  Find out if your little one is achieving expected developmental benchmarks, showing advanced or delayed development, autism, or other exceptional traits. The sooner parents know, the better the chances of maximizing the child's potential.


Our EXCLUSIVE at-home testing throughout the state of Florida, where all testing is done in the student’s own home by a licensed school psychologist,  has numerous proven advantages:

Convenience. No need to drive anywhere, get lost or late to appointments. 

Privacy. Psychological testing is a private and highly confidential matter. Avoid sitting in a waiting room with strangers. 

Reduce test anxiety. Student is in his own environment and comfort zone, virtually eliminating test anxiety. By reducing anxiety the student is able to put forth his best effort, resulting in more accurate results. 

Save time. One single session is all that is required. Ask for more details about our testing process.

Speed of results. Most schools do not have the resources to have students tested fast enough, resulting in parents waiting months or even years for their child to receive adequate help.  We understand how important it is for children and college students to succeed as soon as possible. This is why each case is treated with urgency. Once the student is tested, a PDF of test results and full report is emailed within 48 hours of testing.  No other company guarantees faster results without compromising the quality of the report. 

Quality and compliance. Child-Testing.com ensures the diagnostic process to be in compliance with local, state and federal laws and rigorously takes into account all relevant functional, developmental, medical, and academic information to ensure a reliable and accurate report. 

Affordability.  Our fees are extremely competitive. While other psychologists charge high hourly rates or as much as $3,800 for a learning disability testing, our rates don't even come close. We guarantee our fees to be one of the most affordable in the state of Florida, without compromising quality.   Don't let your concerns about high fees stop you from doing what's best for your child. 

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Family’s cooperation is appreciated to ensure an optimum testing environment. 


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